【Solo Trip to France】 Paris Private Tour On a Sidecar

Solo trip to France

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Hello guys. I’m @thisisokinawa, a blogger from Okinawa, Japan, who runs a blog focused on travel and lifestyle.

Currently, I’m sharing about my solo trip to Paris, France!

In the previous post, I arrived at the airport in Paris in the evening on the first day. Exhausted from the long flight, I went straight to bed early in the Airbnb I had rented, so there wasn’t much sightseeing that night. Now, I’ll share my experiences of sightseeing in Paris the next day.

On the second day of my only three-night stay in Paris, here’s what I did first.


・On the second day in Paris, I tried taking the metro


Bonjour. It’s a sunny day in Paris! Day two.

The high is 12°C and the low is 2°C. Even though it’s mid-April, it’s still cold.

I had booked a sightseeing tour from Japan, so I’ll be taking the metro to get there this afternoon.

I’m glad I brought a scarf because it’s chilly! I plan to share more about the season-appropriate clothing I brought for this trip on my blog later.

Since I didn’t get to walk around much the previous day, I left the apartment early for a stroll.

I discovered a bike-sharing system called Velib’.

I didn’t use it this time, but I saw it frequently around the city and thought it looked like a convenient way to explore.

Apparently, tourists can use it too by automatic registration machine (which supports Japanese), so it’s an option worth considering.

It seems like it would be really pleasant once it gets a bit warmer.

・Let’s buy a ticket! (An unreliable guide to purchasing tickets)

I can see the entrance to République station.

With my heart pounding, I head down the stairs. It’s my first time taking the metro , so I’m a bit nervous.

I’ve arrived at the unfamiliar ticket machine.

While I easily spot the location of the machine, now comes the challenge of figuring out how to purchase a ticket.

Since there’s no option for Japanese, I stare at the screen in English.

It says “Vous pouvez…” on the ticket machine. That means “You can…” in English.

The metro has various types of tickets, which can be a bit confusing.

There are options like single ride tickets (Ticket t+), Paris Visite passes for unlimited rides, and an IC card called Navigo.

Just listening to this is already making me feel confused.

But I need to buy the ticket quickly, or else I’ll be late for the meeting point for my private tour.

I’m starting to panic already, and my head is spinning as I try to input in English. When I see the text “Ticket t+” and various types of tickets displayed on the screen with symbols and letters, I feel like giving up.

I thought I had lightly studied how to buy tickets in Japan beforehand.

After selecting “Ticket t+,

I choose the quantity needed・・

I proceeded with this selection.

I managed to get this far.

Not knowing how to pay with cash,

I decided to pay with a card, but I gave up because I didn’t understand how to pay with a card.

Everyone was smoothly purchasing their tickets.

As time was running out, I approached a family nearby and asked, “How can I get the tickets?” They kindly explained everything to me and helped me out. They even showed me which platform to take and said, “Here it is.” They were smiling, very friendly, and helpful. Right at the beginning of my trip, I was deeply touched by their kindness.

France is amazing! Thank you! 😄

If it weren’t for them, I think I would have been even more flustered and wasted more time. I’m just grateful.

Using taxi apps like “Bolt” to get to your destination is also one option.


Yay! Thanks to the help I received, I managed to buy the ticket. It cost €2.15.

I’ve seen articles and videos warning about pickpockets, so I spent the ride in the metro cautiously.

Républiqueの8号線からLa Tour-Maubourg駅

I got off at La Tour-Maubourg station on Line 8 at République. It took about 12 minutes to get there.


When getting off, press the button to open the doors.


La Tour-Maubourg駅

As soon as I emerged above ground, I was greeted by a lovely sight.

The area around the fountain is like a garden.

The meeting place is this metro station. Since I have some time, I’ll go for tea. Let’s go to that café with the red tent over there.

・Having tea like a model’s holiday in Paris.

I decided to wait at the café [La Source], which is right on the corner from the station, while having a coffee. It’s close to the meeting place, so it’s convenient.

I feel a bit nervous going into a café alone. I’m not familiar with how to read the menu, but it’s cold and I want a hot coffee.

I tried my best to order in French, but they realized I was a tourist and responded in English.

La Source

Un café s’il vous plaît. 

I had tea at a terrace.

I managed to say “Bonjour” and order something, the coffee is warm, and I’m in Paris, so I’m happy.

As I was enjoying a coffee break, a guide on a motorcycle stopped right in front of me.

Yes, this is the main event of my trip! It’s a tour around Paris’s tourist spots in a sidecar.

・Sightseeing Paris’s Landmarks by Sidecar

After the guide arrived, I changed into the heels I brought for photos lol. I greeted the guide and got into the sidecar.

It’s great that the French guide seems friendly!

Our conversation along the way will mostly be in English.

・What is a sidecar?

To put it simply, a sidecar is a retro vehicle with an extra car attached to the side of a motorcycle, complete with its own wheel.

Refer to the image above for an example.

For a solo trip to Paris, the first thing I recommend is this sidecar tour experience!

It’s perfect for sightseeing efficiently during a short stay.

I ride through the city of Paris with a guide on a motorcycle with a sidecar.

Of course, the guide is a professional. As you travel through the city, they explain the buildings and share stories along the way.

Let’s go!

Although it’s sunny today, it’s really cold. However, blankets and other items for keeping warm are provided in the sidecar.

I brought my DJI camera for selfies and street photography, but I ended up just using my smartphone.

Even with a scarf, the cold wind hits me hard as the motorcycle speeds along, but it’s so much fun!

Everything I see is fresh and new, and we zip through the streets of Paris. It feels like French music is playing in my head.

At times, the cobblestone streets of Paris make for a bumpy ride, but I just relax and think about the history of these roads.

I can see the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris!!! What a sight!

I’m not planning to buy anything, but I wanted to see it, so I got incredibly excited!

So, this is Champs-Élysées Avenue! Which means,

Arc de Triomphe

Right in front of us, the Arc de Triomphe!!

Look at this blue sky, it’s amazing!

It really makes me feel like I’m in Paris.


Feeling like a Parisian. 😄 Just a tourist, though.

I get a lot of attention from people when we stop at traffic lights. The sidecar really stands out.

It’s like touring Kyoto or Tokyo in a rickshaw “Jinrikisha” in Japan.

And here it is, the symbol of Paris!

Tour Eiffel

Getting closer and closer to the Eiffel Tower while riding the bike is so thrilling.

And I wanted to take a photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background, so I asked.


There are quite a few tourists around, so taking a photo might be a bit tricky.

But it turned out to be a wonderful experience.



It was about 40 minutes, I think?

There was an option to extend the tour and stop at various other tourist spots, but I decided against it due to the extreme cold.

The guide was wearing a motorcycle jacket, and I had my trench coat and scarf, but it was still chilly. Hopefully, with a bit warmer weather, it would be an incredible city tour.

However, I think this short city tour is a really enjoyable and unique way for you to first experience Paris.

At the end, I asked the guide for a recommendation for a restaurant for lunch.

Then, he took me there and the tour has ended.

It was freezing cold, but thanks to the clear sky, I had a wonderful experience.

Official Website

You can make reservations through this website.

Now that I’ve had a great time, I’m heading to lunch to fill my stomach.

Looking forward to the next blog post!

à bientôt~
Solo trip to France

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