【Solo Trip to 10th Arrondissement Paris 】How I got a place to stay in Paris

【Solo Trip to 10th ward Paris 】How I got a place to stay in Paris

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Hello everyone. I’m @thisisokinawa, a blogger based in Okinawa, focusing on travel and lifestyle.

Currently, I’m chronicling my first solo trip to France, specifically my journey to Paris in a series of posts. Starting from preparations for the long-haul flight and detailing each step of the journey, I’m sharing my experiences. In the previous post, I introduced the transportation options from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to the city center.

This time, I’ll be sharing about the lovely Airbnb vacation rental I arranged as my accommodation in Paris, including details about the room and budget.


・What is the 10th Arrondissement of Paris like?

Before introducing the room, let me give you a quick overview of the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

In Tokyo, it’s equivalent to the 23 wards, but Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements and serves as the capital of France.

Some famous areas include the Champs-Élysées leading to the Arc de Triomphe, the area around the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Opéra Garnier, and the hill of Montmartre. With so many attractive spots, first-time visitors might find it challenging to decide where to stay.

Concerns about safety also come into play, and I myself did some research while preparing for my trip to find out which area would be ideal for staying.

Place de la Republique

The République station, located at the République Square in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, serves as a metro station at the border of the 3rd, 10th, and 11th arrondissements. Dominating the square is a prominent statue of Marianne.

I’ll be updating about the metro system in the next blog post.

Initially, I was searching for hotels in the 3rd arrondissement, around this area.

The 3rd arrondissement is known as the Marais district, with a concentration of shopping and unique shops, making it a trendy and fashionable area.

To give an analogy with Osaka, it’s like Minami-Semba area (laughs), while the 10th arrondissement is like Namba.

On the north side of the 10th arrondissement, there are the Gare du Nord and Gare de l’est train stations, but they seem to have less desirable safety reputations.

So, I decided to base my first stay in Paris around the République station, within walking distance to the Marais district.

Hotels in the 3rd arrondissement were really expensive, especially with the yen weakening further. It seemed like hotel prices were soaring, perhaps due to the Olympic year.

I had a hard time finding accommodations. When I was searching around summer 2023, the prices for a three-star hotel were averaging around ¥35,000 per night for mid-April, which I found to be quite high. That’s why I thought it might be interesting to try looking on Airbnb for unique properties.

*Currently, with the Paris Olympics approaching, hotel accommodation costs seem to have surged and then started to decrease. During the mid-July period, around the time of the Olympics, three-star hotels were available from the low ¥20,000 range. However, during the actual Olympic period from July 26th to August 11th, prices could double.

But this situation is similar to high seasons in Japan, where hotel prices rise. So, if you can, it’s best to avoid such periods when planning your vacation.

・Here’s what the room at my accommodation looked like.

・I made the same mistake as that drama in my Paris apartment! Guess what?

On the first day of my stay in Paris, even though it was already bright when I arrived from the airport, it was past 8 PM.

The Airbnb host greeted me and gave me a thorough explanation of how to use the room, including locking the doors and separating trash when leaving the room. It was so detailed that I didn’t have a moment to breathe, so I had to say, “Just give me a moment,” and grabbed some water (laughs).

By the time I had settled down, it was already past the closing time for supermarkets.

Yes, you see, it was a Sunday when I arrived, and it seems like supermarkets close early on Sundays.

I had researched beforehand, but since it was past their closing time, I wondered where to buy water or other necessities.

If you’re staying in a hotel, they usually provide complimentary bottles in the room, which can be quite comforting.

But you see, I couldn’t find any convenience stores like FamilyMart or Seven-Eleven around here.

First-time travelers to Paris might find this a bit confusing.

I’ll cover information about supermarkets and such in Paris in another article.


The apartment in Paris. It has such a historical and atmospheric feel, but look! Check out this spiral staircase.

There’s no elevator.

I had to carry my 23kg suitcase up this staircase.

Let me explain how buildings are numbered in Paris. What we call the ground floor in Japan is referred to as “0” in Paris, and then it continues as “1st floor,” “2nd floor,” and so on from the second floor.

If you’ve watched the Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” you might empathize with me on this one. I made the same mistake as Emily.

Upon arriving at the apartment building and ringing the doorbell at the floor I was told beforehand, no one came out. What’s going on?

So, I contacted the host, and they came out from the door on the floor above and helped me carry my suitcase.

That’s when I realized the floor numbers were different.

I even rewatched the show before my trip to Paris!!!

・A stylish and amazing room.

As soon as you enter from the entrance, there’s a toilet on the immediate left. Passing through the hallway, there’s a small but sophisticated kitchen space with a clean and minimalist white theme.

The windows and the overall layout are quite fresh, something you don’t often see in Japanese apartments. It really hits you that you’re overseas.

From the kitchen window, you can see the windows of the building opposite, and at night, it’s beautiful with the soft glow of indirect lighting. It creates a lovely atmosphere, doesn’t it?

There wasn’t a bathtub, but there was a clean shower booth in the bathroom, along with a sink. Additionally, there were electric heaters in the kitchen and bedroom.

In places like New York, they often have central heating systems since it gets cold, but I wonder if that’s not common in Paris? If not, living there might rack up quite an electricity bill during the winter.

Even though spring sees drastic temperature changes, it was surprisingly cold during my mid-April trip to Paris. The lowest temperature during my stay was around 2°C, and I found myself shivering.

When I left Okinawa, it was around 26°C lol.

So, even with the heater on at night, it was still chilly. I ended up wearing sweatshirts and Heat tech layers to bed.

Despite the cold weather, I couldn’t help but notice how well the indoor plants were thriving, which gave me a glimpse into the host’s sense of style.

The bed was a sofa bed, but it was about the size of a king bed, and the mattress was firm and comfortable, so I had no issues whatsoever.

Even though the bedroom was compact, as I arrived at night, I’ll only be staying here for three nights.

Even though it was just a short stay of three nights and four days, I found myself wanting to live here.

I got used to going up the stairs, too.

The security at the building entrance, with its double-code entry system, made me feel safe.

I didn’t capture it in the pictures, but there was also a stylish local French restaurant right across from the apartment, and I was really curious about it, but unfortunately, I never got the chance to go.

Ah, I really want to go back.


The plugs are Type C. Be aware that they are different from those in Japan.

Bring a voltage converter and adapter plugs when traveling.

I also purchased a set that included both the voltage converter and adapter plugs and brought it with me. It was no problem to check it in as baggage on the airplane.

I used the voltage converter to charge my smartphone and other devices. As for the hair straightener I brought from Japan, it was too much hassle, and I didn’t end up using it once during this trip.

Hair dryers were provided in most hotels and also in the apartment, so it’s best to keep your luggage light whenever possible.

・Regarding the accommodation expenses for this room

The total cost was JPY 56,000 for the entire stay, for three nights and four days, with the entire place to myself.

Considering the high hotel prices in Paris during the time I was searching, I personally feel like I had a very good stay.

If only the arrival flight had been a bit earlier, it would have been perfect.

For those looking for cost-effective and interesting accommodation options in Paris, I want to convey that there are choices like this available.

However, for those not accustomed to traveling, booking through hotel reservation sites or tours might be more convenient as it can reduce language barriers and offer smoother experiences, including airport transfers.

・The sun has set, but I need to go buy dinner.

I found myself welcoming the night quite early on the first day in Paris, still being unfamiliar with the city.

I stumbled upon a small shop around the corner where a shop assistant was standing outside. I asked about the opening hours and finally managed to get some water.

Even though it was chilly outside, I walked around, not knowing left from right, in search of dinner.

To avoid getting lost, I took pictures of landmarks with my phone.

There were plenty of shops around the square, but I was already tired from walking. I thought about just going to a French McDonald’s, but when I entered, I found it was all touchscreen, and even though I selected English, I couldn’t figure out how to operate the panel or which set menu was which, as things I’m familiar with in Japan seemed confusing overseas (laughs).

At that moment, I suddenly needed to use the restroom!

Since I couldn’t figure out how to make a purchase, I gave up and remembered there was a Thai restaurant on the street! I went back and got some TO GO.

I ordered Pad Thai. It came with quite a generous portion.

It was €10.90, which is about ¥1800. It feels expensive due to the weak yen.

Finally got dinner, but I was too tired to eat much. Even though I love Thai food.

I have to wake up early tomorrow. I should go to bed now.

・If you’re buying mineral water in Paris, go for this one!


This is “CRISTALINE,” a natural spring water. It’s cost-effective, soft, and easy to drink, so I highly recommend it!

For on-the-go, I got smaller bottles, and for use in the room, I purchased the 1.5L size.

While some may prefer hard water, it’s always good to keep this in mind.

Now, onto Day 2 of my solo trip in Paris!

Stay tuned and enjoy.

【Solo Trip to 10th ward Paris 】How I got a place to stay in Paris

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