【CANAL SAINT-MARTIN】 Feel the vibe of ‘Emily in Paris’ at popular spots in Paris

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After visiting the Picasso Museum in Paris, I headed to the Saint-Martin Canal in the 10th arrondissement of Paris in the evening.

Let me introduce you to this popular canal, which is also a famous location for French movies and TV dramas.


・Canal Saint-Martin

Canal Saint-Martin

The Canal Saint-Martin is a canal that connects the 11th and 10th arrondissements of Paris. It was constructed in the early 19th century during the era of Napoleon.

The canal is popular with locals for its relaxing atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It features beautiful scenery, as well as cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. It’s also an area where stylish locals reside.

In the French movie “Amélie” and the Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” there are scenes where Emily takes selfies along the canal.

I stayed in the 10th arrondissement, and since it’s close to the République station, I enjoyed walking there for a stroll.

For more details about the 10th arrondissement, please check the article below.

On the way to the canal, there were various shops along Rue de Marseille, including A.P.C Surplus and Agnès b.

A.P.C. Marseille Nouveauté et Surplus 5 Rue de Marseille, 75010 Paris, France

As you walk down the street, you’ll come across the French bistro “Chez Prune.” The pavement in front of the store is painted in rainbow colors.

Around the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, you'll find rainbow crosswalks.
Around the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, you’ll find rainbow crosswalks.

I was glad to see this rainbow crosswalk as I had been wanting to see it. I haven’t seen one in Japan yet, but you can often find them in LGBT-friendly cities overseas, like West Hollywood in Los Angeles.

You can easily recognize the area around ”Chez Prune” because it is along the canal.

Walking around this area, I didn’t feel particularly concerned about safety.

Around the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris

While I was taking a selfie with a tripod on the bridge over the canal, a group of local boys laughed and asked me, “TikToker?” lol. I don’t use TikTok, but I guess I looked like I did?

Canal Saint-Martin in Paris

I heard that you can also take a cruise on the Canal Saint-Martin, and seeing Paris from the water offers a different perspective that sounds really enjoyable.

In mid-April in Paris, the sun set around 9 PM, so the days felt long, allowing me to take my time and enjoy the canal.

The buildings reflected on the canal’s surface were very beautiful. Everyone was relaxing along the canal, creating a very pleasant atmosphere.

Canal Saint-Martin in Paris,

I recommend buying some bread and other treats from the bakery I mentioned in this blog and enjoying them while relaxing by the canal.

・Before your trip to Paris, I recommend watching the Netflix series “Emily in Paris.”

The popular Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” set in Paris, has its fourth season releasing soon: Part 1 on August 15 and Part 2 on September 12.

The show follows Emily, who comes to Paris for work from Chicago with little knowledge of French, navigating love and career challenges. The series is filled with stylish and glamorous scenes, including the outfits worn by the characters and fashion shows. It also features shooting locations in the Paris suburbs, Saint-Tropez, and the Provence region, making it an appealing watch for those interested in France.

One of the main charms of this drama is the stylishness of Paris, a city that many girls dream of. Created by the same mind behind “Sex and the City,” it captures the allure of urban life.

Emily, frequently posts selfies and videos on Instagram, showcasing various beautiful spots in Paris. One of the scenes features Canal Saint-Martin, making it fun for fans to visit the filming locations.

Along Canal Saint-Martin, you’ll find charming and colorful cafes and restaurants, creating a lively atmosphere. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the world of the drama.

In the show, there are many smoking scenes, and when I visited Paris, I noticed a lot of smokers. Most cafes and restaurant terraces have ashtrays on the tables, and many people smoke while walking, which is a sight you don’t often see in Japan nowadays.

I also noticed many people walking their pets, and there are many pet-friendly establishments. There was even a scene in the show where someone stepped in dog 〇〇〇. Comparing the depiction in the drama with real-life Paris is quite interesting.

True to European style, Paris is sophisticated and has many handsome people.

Another recommended drama set in Paris, besides “Emily in Paris,” is “The Hook Up Plan.” This comedy has a good tempo, making it easy and enjoyable to watch. Since it’s entirely in French, it’s also great for language learning.

This is the final entry of my Paris guide blog.

For a souvenir from Paris, I bought a bottle of red wine. I drank it after returning home, and it allowed me to savor the memories of Paris, making me even more enchanted by France.

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