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Solo Travel to France: Paris Edition.

This time, I was curious about whether Paris has convenience stores like the ones we have in Japan, so I did some research before my trip. I decided to visit local supermarkets like ”Monoprix” and others. Here are my impressions and a report on what you can find there.

Visiting a supermarket can make you feel like a local, as if you’re really living there. I had a great time exploring the various food items and other products, so please read on and enjoy!


・Are there convenience stores in Paris?

Convenience stores in Japan ”LAWSON”

In Japan, 24-hour convenience stores are everywhere, but during my trip to France, I didn’t see any. Instead, there were small shops that resembled independent stores where you could buy drinks, cigarettes, and snacks, as well as supermarkets.

Therefore, convenience stores like Lawson, 7-Eleven, or FamilyMart, which are common in Japan, don’t exist in France, likely due to cultural differences and French labor regulations.

Japan is really convenient, isn’t it?

Regarding supermarkets, when I arrived in Paris, the supermarket had already closed. Especially on Sundays, supermarkets tend to close early, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

・Shopping at Supermarkets in France

・Highly Recommended for Souvenirs! “MONOPRIX”



Monoprix is a supermarket chain found throughout France.

In addition to groceries, Monoprix offers household goods, clothing, cosmetics, and more. The store has a spacious, upscale feel, with a variety of stylish items including shoes and swimwear. It’s a great place to shop for souvenirs or treat yourself to something nice.

I wish I had bought some shoes or scarves—they seemed simple and useful!


MONOPRIX REPUBLIQUE  164 Rue du Temple, 75003 Paris, France

The opening hours may vary depending on the store, but here, it’s from 8:00 AM to 9:45 PM. On Sundays, it’s from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM, so they close earlier on Sundays. Keep that in mind.

I took pictures of the products with the prices. Are they helpful?

There are items that look good for breakfast, like a baguette for €3.49, and sandwiches also have Carbonara Penne for €7.30, and sushi.

Cauliflower, artichokes, mushrooms, and other vegetables all look somehow cute and stylish.

There is also a wide variety of cheese!

With so many kinds, you might have a hard time choosing.

On this trip, my favorite dessert available at the supermarket is this crème caramel pudding! Four pieces for €2.45. A great deal.

If you find it in France, be sure to give it a try! It’s delicious.

The wine section and other alcoholic beverages are also abundantly available. I enjoyed seeing a variety of international ingredients and products.

・Speaking of Monoprix, how about this? Cute shopping bags.


Eco-bags placed near the register. There are many varieties, so I bought some as souvenirs.

Personally, I’ve been using them regularly since returning to Japan, and they are essential when I go to the supermarket.

Another great point is that they can be folded compactly for storage. From simple and colorful ones to patterned ones, the variety available differs by store. If you find a Monoprix in France, be sure to stop by and check them out.



This is Monop’. I saw it in cities outside of Paris as well, so I stopped by.

Monop’ is a smaller version of Monoprix, with a smaller store area compared to Monoprix, making it feel more like a Japanese convenience store. They mainly carry food items and daily necessities.

I’ve finally gotten used to using the self-checkout at Japanese supermarkets recently, where you scan the barcode and pay with a card, but I am not at all familiar with self-checkout overseas (lol).

So, in most cases, I ask the shopper next to me how to use it. Everyone is kind.

The screen display seems to be about the loyalty card.

Both MONOPRIX and Monop’ are easy to use, so I highly recommend them for first-time visitors to France.

・ Intermarché EXPRESS Paris

Intermarché EXPRESS Paris・インターマルシェ

Intermarché EXPRESS Paris 14 Pl. Jacques Bonsergent, 75010 Paris, France

The supermarket recommended by my Airbnb host for its affordability was located near Place de la République in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. I decided to stop by and check it out.

This supermarket was even more budget-friendly than the one mentioned earlier. Although the store felt a bit cramped with narrow aisles, I realized that shopping at the cheapest supermarket possible could help save on living expenses as I settled into life there.

Shopping at this supermarket gives a more local experience. Since there are many branches within Paris city limits, it’s a great supermarket to visit for those staying for an extended period, offering a good option for long-term residents.”

There seem to be other supermarkets in the area as well, so when you travel, be sure to check out the neighborhood and make good use of them.

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